New updates and improvements to Token Flow Insights SA.

  1. Managing your Notifications

    Guidelines for Users

    Frill allows you to control the notifications that you get from the platform so that you can receive as few or as many updates as you prefer.

    These are settings specific to you as a user and we can't override these (or set a default of no emails).

    When you are logged in, go to your profile, find the "notifications" tab and then you can toggle on or off the various notifications that the system sends as follows:

    Screenshot 2021-11-16 at 16.16.41


  2. Guidelines for Contributors

    Guidelines for Users

    Thank you for providing your feedback and suggestions on Token Flow's products.

    To help us to review and prioritize requests, we ask that you follow these guidelines:

    1. Check first that your suggestion hasn't already been submitted (you can see all submissions in the "Ideas" or "Roadmap" tabs

    2. Provide a clear title for the suggestion

    3. Enter thorough details in the description that we can understand the request, particularly if it is bug being reported

    4. Add a tag for the specific product: `Transaction Decoders`, `Token Flow Datasets` etc

    5. Add one or more tags for the type of suggestion: `improvement` , `styling`, `integrations`, `bug`, `other` etc

    An example of a well defined submission is shown below (taken from an issue submitted in GitHub):

    Screenshot 2021-11-16 at 15.57.29

    We will review all requests as quickly as we can (with a target of responding within 5 working days to any submission) and will update the status of the request accordingly.

    The decision to develop or not to develop a feature or suggestion, is at our sole discretion.